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Pick-up - Rubber Tips (Integrated Circuits)

Custom-Made Rubber Tip (13-xxx Round)

R1 Rubber Tips… the industry standard for performance and reliability.

In 1985, Micro-Mechanics created the first commercially available rubber tip for die attach. Millions of tips later, we are still setting the standard for proven reliability. Although replaced by the R3 tip for many applications, the R1 tip remains popular especially for custom sizes in small quantities.

Material Specifications
Hardness            : 79 Shore A
Heat resistance   : 130 deg. C
Static dissipation : 0.01 to 0.03 sec.
Ionic purity          : less than 10 ppm

Static dissipation measured as time to dissipate a charge from +/-5000 V. Ionic purity measured by boiling rubber in DI water and analyzing the water extract for fluoride, chloride, potassium, nitrate, phosphate, sulphate, sodium and silicon.

No. Part No. X Inch X mm Holder
1 13-xxx .025 - .200 0.63 - 5.08 12U1
2 13-xxx .201 - .480 5.10 - 12.00 12C
Note: Please specify dimensions; we will quote using a 13 series part number.


Packing: 20 pieces per vial.