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Pick-up - Rubber Tips (Integrated Circuits)

R7 Dome LED-CN03

Introducing a new series of application specific Rubber Tips tailored for the pick-and-place application of dome shaped LED products.

After intensive research and collaboration efforts with OEMs supplying these dome shaped LEDs, we have developed the know-how on the design and a specialized manufacturing process for these rubber tips. A new range of rubber tips with a distinctive dome design for the pick and place application of dome shaped LED products in both SMT and back-end semiconductor equipment.

We have a wide range of size and shape to cater for the different LED products. For technical drawing and pricing, kindly contact a Micro-Mechanics office nearest to you.

Part No: R7/8-xxxx-xxxx

Material Specifications
Hardness            : 79 Shore A
Heat resistance   : 130 deg. C
Static dissipation : 0.01 to 0.03 sec.
Ionic purity          : less than 10 ppm


No. Part No. Relief n (Dome) Overall Height
1 R7S-0300-0300-0 2.70 4.80
2 R7S-0331-0 2.95 4.30
3 R7S-0457-0313-1 2.80x4.24 4.30
4 R7S-0700-0 6.00 6.00
5 R8S-0300-0 2.60 3.70

Please contact us for other sizes & type.