Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

A Word from the CEO

At Micro-Mechanics, we believe that People Make Everything Happen. In other words, we think every person in the Company has enormous potential to learn, grow and continuously improve the way they make decisions and take actions.

Of course, good results do not just happen. Just as excellence in machining comes from having  a robust process, getting everyone at Micro-Mechanics to improve the way they make decisions and take actions also requires a sound methodology.

To this end, we developed a textbook titled 24/7 Decision Making™ which explains how having a shared understanding of the Company’s Vision, Mission, Goals, key Strategies and Culture is essential. As we begin FY2021, we would like to add one more element to our framework: The Micro-Mechanics Code of Conduct.

With this Code of Conduct, our goal is for everyone, from the shop floor to the Board room, to improve the way we all go about our daily work. The Code of Conduct consists of nine simple statements and you may notice that it includes some rules and regulations that are already in our Company Handbook. We have repeated these for additional awareness and to stress their importance in making the right decisions.

To help make the Code of Conduct a bit easier to remember, the nine points form an acronym – DO IT RIGHT. Indeed, if everyone makes decisions and takes actions that are right for our customers, our people and all our other stakeholders, then good results are bound to happen.

With much appreciation,

Chris Borch, CEO

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