MicroRubber Tip TM (13-124-xx for Small Die)

13-124-XX Rubber Tips

for optimum processing of small die

After years of manufacturing rubber tips for die sizes 0.75mm (30 mils) and larger, we’ve developed a new series of ultra-small rubber tips as small as 0.25mm (10 mils) in diameter. Designed for LED, RF and other small die applications, the compliant rubber tip helps eliminate die damage during pick-up when compared to plastic or metallic tools.

Material Specifications

Hardness: 79 Shore A
Heat resistance: 130 deg. C
Static dissipation : 0.01 to 0.03 sec.
Ionic purity: less than 10 ppm

Static dissipation measured as time to dissipate a charge from +/-5000 V. Ionic purity measured by boiling rubber in DI water and analyzing the water extract for fluoride, bromide, chloride, potassium, nitrate, phosphate, sulphate, sodium and silicon.

No. Part No. ØC mm Holder
1 13-124-01 0.25 40 12U1/12U3
2 13-124-02 0.38 40 12U1/12U3
3 13-124-03 0.64 40 12U1/12U3
4 13-124-05 0.46 40 12U1/12U3
5 13-124-06 0.25 40 12U1/12U3
6 13-124-07 0.33 40 12U1/12U3
7 13-124-10 0.41 40 12U1/12U3

Packing: 20 pieces per vial.

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